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International baby music class 3-12 months.

At the international music and movement class at Aarhus Musikskole you and your children will learn music in a playful atmosphere and sing some of the Danish children’s songs, but the teaching will be in English.
Children sing before they speak! They play with sounds, pitch and sing along in their own babbling language.
They laugh and squeal with delight while dancing on their mother's arm or take a ride on their father's knees.
When you sing and dance with your child, a unique relationship is created between parents and children, where presence, contact, music and song are at the heart of a sensuous experience for the child.
All senses are stimulated through singing, gestures, playing with the sounds of small instruments and much more during the baby music class.
Shared musical experiences between babies and their parents are good for the development of their musical and communicative skills as well as their motor skills.
The baby music class is for everybody who wants to sing and play with music together with their babies - no previous training or knowledge required. Through a repertoire consisting of both old and new songs, participants get ideas on how musical play can become a part of everyday life. The songs will mainly be in Danish language or wordless – a few songs will be in English.
If you have any question about the class – don’t hesitate to call the Signe Thorborg Addison, who will be teaching the class. Phone no: 22547700
Please note:
Due to the space and balance between children and adults in the room, only one adult per adult can participate.
These courses are shorter that other courses in the music school in order make it easier to fit it in to the length of the parental leave. If you want to continue for a longer time, you just sign up for the following period at the end of a course
After signing up for these short courses, registration and payment for all weeks is binding.
Babies and parents who have been participating in the course have priority when a new period begins.
Price: 432 kr. for the entire period + 50 kr. registration fee.
You get sibling discount if siblings attends the same course.
When: International baby music class - Fridays at. 12:30 -13:15 (October 26, 2018 - December 14, 2018) - 8 lessons

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